The 5 Exercises To Remove Stretch Marks


Exercise can cause stretch marks, but can they get rid of them? There are certain exercises that might prove very helpful to those wishing to remove the presence of stretch marks on the skin.

To say that stretch marks are not visually appealing would be a tremendous understatement. However, they can appear when you gain a great deal of weight in a relatively quick amount of time. What causes this rapid weight gain?

There can be quite a number of factors that contribute to the onset of stretch marks. Simply eating too much and packing on a large amount of excess fat can lead to the problem.

Those lifting weights and adding a great deal of muscle mass may discover stretch marks become apparent on their skin. Women that are xregnant also experience similar issues.


Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks

To get rid of stretch marks, many people assume they have to undergo cosmetic surgery. Now, there are cosmetic procedures capable of dealing with stretch marks. However, it might not be necessary to go for the enormous cost and also the potentially troubling side effects such a surgery can deliver.

For many, following the path of performing a number of very simple and basic exercises might the the more appropriate strategy to follow. There are a five reliable exercises that just might be able to deliver the results sought after in a reliable manner.


1. The Squat

The squat is one of the most important exercises you can perform in bodybuilding because it truly does massively develop the lower muscles. It can also help with dealing with stretch marks. The thighs and butt are both targeted with this exercise which makes it perfect for those concerned about stretch marks.

Not everyone may be fond of putting a hugely heavy barbell across their shoulders. That is fine. Squats can be performed without a dumbbell. This would be body weight squats and they may prove to be more than adequate in tightening the muscles in the lower body.

Exercise chairsquat squat-exercise3


2. The Triceps Extension

This might not be an easy exercise to perform because it is an isolation one. That means it works the triceps exclusively and does not tie in other muscle groups. To perform the exercise when you have not already developed a lot of strength in the triceps would be to use light weight.

These extensions can be done with barbells, dumbbells, ropes, and more. Again, using light weight is advised. The consistent performance of these exercises might help tighten the skin in the arms.

Triceps2 Triceps


3. Leg Lifts

Leg lifts have much value because they not only help work on the muscles of the legs, they can also aid in tightening the core muscles. This would include the abdominal region. Tightening, toning and strengthening are all benefits of this exercise. The benefits of such effects would also include a potential reduction of the appearance of cellulite.

leg-lifts2 bootcamp-leg-lifts


4. Side Leg Lifts

Side leg lifts are similar to leg lifts with the main difference being the movement of the legs is lateral. These exercises stress the legs and the butt. With consistent performance, these exercises can have a solid impact on your physique.

Some may wonder if it is necessary to perform side leg lifts if the traditional leg lifts are already being performed. They are necessary because they stress muscles from different angles which can lead to enhanced results.

AY1205BU002 leg-lifts


5. Crunches

Not very many would want to see stretch marks on their stomach or abdominal region. Having solid looking abs is prized by many. It is also hard for people not to notice your abdominal region since it is the center of the body.

If stretch marks exist in this area, they can be quite distracting and annoying. Among the very best exercises to help improve the look of the abs and also to potentially eliminate stretch marks would be crunches. Performing them on a regular basis as part of a weekly exercise program is advised as it may improve appearances immensely.



Exercises Can Have A Result

No one wants to maintain stretch marks on their physique. This is why the search for effective exercises is taken so seriously by many. Hopefully, with consistent exercise, positive results may very well be achieved.

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September 12, 2013

Ahmad khodr @ 8:53 pm #

You have a nice article here. I never knew that stretch marks can be by exercise. As it said lots of things you do not know about, others do. We all know that getting rid of stretch marks is important to a lot of women.

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