Home Remedies for Stretch Marks


The presence of stretch marks can come as a shock to many. It would seem that one day the skin is completely clear and then there are troubling discolorations and scars on the surface. The truth here is that stretch marks do not appear overnight.

home remedies for stretch marksThey are the result of hormonal imbalances often caused by rapid weight gain and loss. While their presence is troubling, it does not have to be permanent. home remedies for stretch marks are often employed as a way of eliminating them.

There are quite a few reasons to look towards home remedies as a viable option for getting rid of stretch marks. Those wishing to avoid surgery or troubling injection therapy methods certainly will be drawn to the noninvasive benefits of home remedies for stretch marks.

The cost factor would be another reason as most of these remedies are incredibly cheap to procure. There are also quite a bit easy to apply which is another great benefit.

So, without further delay, here are a few of the top home remedies for stretch marks you can give a try.


The Prevention

The best home remedy would be prevention. Crash diets, binge eating, or excessive weightlifting can all contribute to the development of stretch marks due to the rapid increase in weight such lifestyle choices can make.

It at all possible, you should avoid making the troubling decision to gain or lose weight in a rapid manner. Doing so will decrease the potential for the development of stretch marks significantly.

Of course, there will be those situations where you are not able to prevent the onset of stretch marks. You may have to deal with removing them since they are currently appearing on your skin.


Removing Stretch Marks

Homemade Oils

A common thread among the home remedies for stretch marks would be the need to apply an oil ointment which can work on nourishing the skin and eliminating all of those unwanted stretch marks.

One of the homemade oils you can produce would be to mix Vitamin A and E oil along with olive oil and aloe vera gel. Olive oil, of course, can be purchased in any grocery store.

home remedies for stretch marksThe other ingredients could be easily found at any health and nutritional shop. Once you have mixed these substances together, you will have made a proper topical cream which might very well reduce or remove the presence of stretch marks.


Coconut Oil Mixed With Coco Butter

There is another type of topical solution you can make with very easy to find ingredients. Coconut oil mixed with coco butter and lime juice can also be easily mixed together to create a topical which can be applied directly to where the stretch marks appear.

Some have even suggested that coco butter alone is one of the better home remedies for stretch marks.

Perhaps you could try just using cocoa butter and if the results are not what pleases you, you can always add the other ingredients to the mix. Coco butter can also be mixed with shea butter and applied to the stretch marks.

    • You can also mix and match from some of the different home remedies for stretch marks. For example, you have the option to mix vitamin E with coco butter and see how it works for you.

One additional note here is whenever you use coco butter as a topical treatment, always try and stick with 100% natural coco butter. Processed ingredients generally will not appeal to those interested in natural home remedies since such ingredients by their very nature are not natural.



Of all the home remedies for stretch marks, one of the most minimalist of all would be to cut a potato into wedges and rubbing the liquid from the potato wedges onto the stretch marks.

While this home remedy may be mentioned in resources covering the topic of stretch marks, it is a bit much to take it seriously. You could give it a try and see what happens but do not expect very much.


To Sum Up

Home remedies for stretch marks, while a noble concept, do not always have a high potential for success.

While they are worth a try, you would probably be much better served purchasing a topical solution such as Skinception which has a greater potential for delivering results.


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