Addressing Pregnancy Stretch Marks


When the topic of stretch marks are brought up, most people will assume that the topic revolves around discussing their presence on the stomach. This is not an inaccurate assumption as stretch marks do commonly appear on the stomach.

They might even appear on the stomach more frequently than other areas. I do, however, need to inform those concerned about such discoloration and scars than stretch marks on back can develop.

I am sure some might be a little surprised at the notion that stretch marks can appear on the back. The truth is that stretch marks are a discoloration of the skin.

So, it is really not “stretch marks on back” (i.e. the back muscles or spine) as much as they marks are appearing on the skin located on the back. Granted, since the stomach area is more prone to fat deposits you will find a greater instance of stretch marks there.


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However, it is not impossible for these marks to develop on the lower or even upper back. The reason is the root cause of stretch marks would be hormonal changes in the body.

stretch marks on backThese changes can have quite the ripple effect through the system which means “errant’ results such as stretch marks on the back can appear. Of course, genetic pre-dispositions can lead to such things as fat deposits collecting on the back which, in turn, can lead to stretch marks.

There are quite a number of reasons why stretch marks on back appear. Once you actually realize there are scores of different reasons why stretch marks can appear, you soon realize that it really is not an anomaly that they can appear in such a region.

For example, merely growing taller can create stretch marks on the skin due to the stress placed on the skin as the body increases in height. When the growth period is gradual, this might not prove to be much of a problem.


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However, there will be those young ones who do experience a rapid period of growth unexpectedly and out of the proverbial blue. This can lead to the presence of stretch marks and, unlike rapid weight gain due to diet, the onset of stretch marks on back in the manner is unavoidable.

To repeat, genetic predispositions often contribute to the presence of stretch marks. Not everyone who undergoes a rapid growth experience will have stretch marks on the back. However, there will be those simply due to their genetic makeup who will find themselves prone to having such marks appear.

I know, most people will be more concerned with the way in which to get rid of stretch marks on back. For some, the ability to merely cover of the back with a shirt can give them some solace that no one will see such distracting marks.

An approach such at this never really solves any purpose. Covering up the marks does nothing to get rid of them and if you wish to be free of the troubling presence of stretch marks then you have to do what needs to be done in terms of eliminating their presence completely.


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The most frequently cited means of getting rid of stretch marks on back would be to explore surgical options.

I am not going to say that there is anything inherently wrong with looking towards surgery as an option but I will say this – why would you want to undergo a costly and invasive procedure when there could be an equally and non-invasive procedure available instead?

stretch marks on back

For many, a high quality stretch mark cream just might be the perfect solution for any stretch marks on the back or other areas of the skin for that matter.

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