How to Prevent Stretch Marks


It has long since been said that the best way to deal with a problem is to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. It would be quite difficult to argue with such an assessment.

For those that may be concerned about the presence of stretch marks on their skin, it is no secret that preventing them from developing is a much better plan than actually having to remove them. Of course, this does lead to questions about how to prevent stretch marks.

how to prevent strech markAs long as you understand a few basic concepts, you will find that it might not be as difficult as you assumed to prevent the onset of the scar tissue and discoloration these marks represent.

Among the most common reasons that people develop stretch marks would be rapid weight gain and loss. However, the actual physiological reason why the stretch marks appear may prove surprising to some.

Basically, when you lose and gain weight in a very quick period of time, a significant hormonal impact on your system occurs. In particular, you will discover that scar tissue forms which leads to the discoloration known commonly as a stretch mark.


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The process of how to prevent stretch marks DUE weight gain/weight loss is found in one word: gradually. The rapid gain and loss of weight is what leads to stretch marks.

So, whether your gains/losses are from dieting, exercise, or weightlifting, be sure that the extra weight is gained gradually. This is one of the most tried and true ways of how to prevent stretch marks.

There will be those situations where you cannot prevent the rapid increase and decrease of weight. The most common example of a situation such as this would be a pregnancy.


Is there a best way how to prevent stretch marks when quick weight loss and gain is unavoidable?

The answer is yes and that answer needs to be expanded upon.

Again, stretch marks do not exclusively occur because you have gained or lost weight. There are other factors which can contribute to the problem.The following methods can be considered general approaches how to prevent stretch marks or, at the very least, reduce their presence on the skin.

Definitely, you will want to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Dry skin is highly susceptible to stretch marks which is why it is strongly suggested to drink upwards of eight glasses of water per day. Doing so can have a very positive impact on the hydration levels on your skin.


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Simply increasing the amount of water you drink will not be enough to ensure that stretch marks do not appear. You will need to keep the skin properly moisturized.

Now, there are a number of skin moisturizers on the market which are not specifically designed to prevent stretch marks. They are “okay” products but if you are seriously interested in the process of how to prevent stretch marks, you are advised to look at moisturizers and screams specifically designed to deal with these scars and discolorations.

how to prevent stretch markAnti-stretch mark creams are made from ingredients designed to help nourish and restore the skin. Vitamin A and Aloe Vera would be common ingredients you would see in such topical cream products.

They will provide the proper amount of helpful ingredients to the skin which can reduce the potential for dryness and hormonal problems which lead to those annoying stretch marks. In short, if you want to definitively prevent stretch marks then you will want a product designed for that specific purpose.

In your how to prevent stretch marks quest, you might come across a number of different creams and topical solutions claiming the ability to prevent their presence. Claims are one thing and results are another.

To be sure that you are not going to be disappointed or, worse, scammed when making a purchase, it would not hurt to do as much consumer research as possible to ensure you are buying the right product. Reading a number of well written consumer reviews would greatly help in this regard.


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