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Reviewed by: Dana Franklin on March 16, 2012

Reduces stretch marks by up to 72.5%. One of the best products that you can buy. Has only natural ingredients. Side effects free.
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Writing a Skinception review might very well be the crowning glory of my term as a reviewer of stretch mark and skincare products. The reason is that Skinception remains one of the best – if not the absolute best — of all the stretch mark creams on the market.

Rather than spend a lot of time hying why it is so great, let’s take a closer look at the excellent attributes associated with this particular brand.

One of the reasons why I consider Skinception to be such an effective is because it employs a comprehensive and intensive solution to stretch mark woes.

While there are a great many excellent stretch mark cream products on the market, not very many of them employ the intensive program Skinception has developed.

As any serious Skinception review will be quick to point out, this is what helps the topical cream stand out from so many other products crowding the market.

The creation of an intensive program which can help fade away stretch marks is certainly a positive development. With this formula, there is an additional benefit – the ingredients in the proprietary blend help with preventive measures.


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In short, the formula has the potential to prevent the onset of stretch which is certainly more beneficial than having to deal with stretch marks once they have actually manifested on the skin.

Among the reasons this cream can do so is the fact it can help increase elastin and collagen production.

When the body experiences a decrease in both, all manner of problems can develop not the least of which being the onset of ugly stretch marks.

As previously mentioned, those reading through a Skinception review are likely already dealing with unwanted marks on the surface of their skin.

Since this cream is designed to help increase the natural production of the elasticity of the skin, it can help reverse the problems a lack of elasticity can cause.

skinception reviewThis is why the red and purple discolorations on the skin may quickly fade. Furthermore, skin tone may be evened and striations and furrows on the skin could be effectively smoothed out.

As you have likely surmised, such a multi-faceted impact on the skin would improve its appearance immensely.

The fading of the stretch marks is not limited to any specific area of the body. A comprehensive Skinception review will note that positive effects may be found on both the upper and lower part of the body.

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Whether you have stretch marks on the arms, thighs, or elsewhere, you will discover that Skinception can help.



The active ingredients in Skinception might very well be considered the true hallmark of the value of this product.

Once you read the ingredient list in a Skinception review, you will quickly discover that the product maintains a number of highly unique components which definitely do have the ability to deliver results you might never see in other stretch mark creams on the market.

Among the top active ingredients in the cream would be:

    • Regestril which aids in reducing discoloration
    • Pro-Svelty which has been shown to tighten and hydrate the skin
    • Pro-Coll-One+ which is a collagen booster; and many others.

Interestingly, a series of clinical studies were performed on the ingredients to ascertain their true value. Not many other stretch mark creams would do this extra step to ensure the product is effective.


skinception review


    • Results may begin in as little as four weeks.
    • The amazing blend of ingredients is like no other in the skincare industry.

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    • It may take upwards of 90 days.
    • Not everyone likes to purchase a product online.



Hopefully, this Skinception review has led you to the realization this is one of the most unique stretch mark creams on the market. If you truly wish to reduce and prevent the presence of these highly unsightly scars, Skinception might very well be the best product to use.

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