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Product's Name: StriVectin-SD
Comes With Money Back Guarantee
Solid Brand
Very Easy To Apply
Price Is Too High
Bottom Line : 2.5 /5 - Not Bad

Reviewed by: Dana Franklin on July 26, 2013

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No one would ever want to deal with the presence of stretch marks on their skin. The strange red and purple marks such scars present on the skin definitely will lead sufferers looking for a means of getting rid of them.

Questions will arise regarding what would be the best product on the market capable of doing so. StriVectin-SD might be among the most popular and well known of these stretch mark creams.

Once you read my StriVectin-SD review, you might be tempted to purchase it. While I would never call it the greatest stretch mark cream available, it is a decent one that just might be able to deliver sought after results.


What Is StriVectin-SD?

StriVectin-SD professes itself to be be the total intensive repair system for the seemingly permanent condition of stretch marks. (I have to point out no cream is going to work well on stretch marks that have been on the skin for some time so there will be a need to work quick to get rid of them)

Actually, to call this product an anti-stretch mark cream would not be a completely accurate assessment. One of the other stated goals of the cream would be to eliminate wrinkles. Wrinkles are the result of a lack of elasticity in the skin and, in some cases, this may be a common cause of stretch marks as well.

Either way, the tightening of the skin can help eliminate scores of problems associated with the skin include marks, wrinkles, and fine lines. The common question that may arise is whether or not this particular cream can do what it says it can do at the level of effectiveness it claims.

For some, StriVectin-SD might very well be the perfect topical treatment that contributes to ageless skin. Others might find the claims to be a little overstated and are not entirely thrilled with the results.

Unfortunately, not everyone that uses this particular cream will be completely thrilled with the results.


The Amount Used Will Vary Depending On What The Cream Is Intended To Be Used For

If you are using the product to get rid of wrinkles, a single purchase could cover treatments for up to six months. That might not be all that bad of an investment.

However, for those wishing to get rid of stretch marks who, I am sure, are the bulk of the people reading this review, one unit will only offer enough cream for four to six weeks. The cost of a bottle of StriVectin-SD cream is about $135. (One bottle is roughly 8.8 ounces of topical solution)

That can prove to be an enoromous sum for what comes out to very few weeks of use. The amount of time the cream is used for could even end up being very inadequate in terms of actually being able to get rid of stretch marks.

Many consumers that are suffering from the unsightly condition of stretch marks would certainly be willing to pay huge sums (if they can afford to do so) to achieve desired results. Reviews have noted results have been seen within 30 days, but not everyone is likely to suggest they can attain such results.


The Ingredients

There are quite a few unique ingredients that make up this particular cream:

    • Sesame Oil
    • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
    • Sweet Almond Oil
    • And C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate

Are all listed as being among the main ingredients.

It is suggested to apply a small amount of the cream on one’s arm. This way, it is possible to notice any side effects right away before using the cream on a grander scale.


Using The Cream

The use of the cream is rather simple and straight forward. It is to be applied to the skin and rubbed in gently. This process is to continue regularly over several weeks. Hopefully, in time, this will lead to achieving sought after results.



    • Reviews for this particular cream have been positive (mainly)
    • The solution is very easy to apply to the skin



    • The cost is enormous compared to other products
    • Individual results may vary



Are there better products on the market than StriVectin-SD? Yes, there are. Are there worse products on the market than StriVectin-SD? Yes, there are. So, I guess you could say this is the quintessential middle of the road skin cream product.

For those looking for a decent solution to their stretch mark woes, this cream may be worth considering. Overall, I give is 2.5 stars.

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