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Product's Name: Striadril Stretch Marks Cream
Good Ingredients
Possible Side Effects
Limited Stock
Bottom Line : 2.5 /5 - Not Bad

Reviewed by: Dana Franklin on September 23, 2013

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Stretch marks can make their appearance on the skin in an unexpected way. Quick weight gain be it from a pregnancy or lifting weights can cause the skin to become blotched with red and purple scars.

For those looking for a way to deal with such scar tissue, seeking a good stretch mark cream might be a worthwhile pursuit. Upon reading my Striadril Stretch Marks Cream review, you will learn that there is a decent cream you can buy. I want to emphasize the cream is a decent one.

It is not the greatest on the market, but it definitely can be considered a step above a host of mediocre stretch mark creams on the market.


What Can Striadril Stretch Marks Cream Do?

The purpose of this cream is to help get rid of stretch marks. This might not seem like much of a revelation since the stated purpose is found in the name. Not so fast though…..This cream was originally designed to deal with wrinkles.

It might very well be a good product to help with wrinkles. Perhaps it was then discovered that the cream could also get rid of stretch marks, too. If it is capable of doing that and get rid of wrinkles, more power to the consumer who now only has to buy one product instead of two.

Not everyone will be thrilled though to discover this is ”really” a wrinkle cream as such a revelation might harm credibility in the eyes of some. Be that as it may, this is still a real stretch mark cream product and a decent one at that.

Among the ways it will contribute to getting rid of stretch marks would be through lightening, tightening, and restoring the skin. Through toning the skin, the blemishes associated with stretch marks might no longer be anywhere near as distracting.


Clinical Testing Offers Good Results

The manufacturer states that clinical testing has shown the cream offers good results to those who use it. There will always be problems with claims of clinical testing though since it is impossible to research what occurred and what testing processes were performed. Others may be willing to accept the manufacturer on face value.


Getting The Best Results From This Cream

It is suggested that to get the best results from this cream, it should be applied on the skin three times a day. For some, this is perfectly fine as long as good results are achieved. For others, three times a day is a bit much and they might not even have the enough time on their schedule to even perform that many applications.

Consider reasons such as these to be by the product falls a notch below a three star recommendation.

For those willing to put the extra effort in, the results may be worth it. In truth, many will be willing to do whatever it takes to eliminate troubling stretch marks. If being more diligent with the application of the removal cream is required, then this is what is going to have to be done.


Beware Of Side Effects

One thing to beware of when using this particular cream would be that it is known for causing side effects in some of those who use it. Specifically, there have been reports that red rashes and skin irritation have resulted from the use of this particular cream.

Obviously, not everyone who uses Striadril Stretch Marks Cream will suffer from the annoying issue of side effects. Those that do notice these problems emerging are strongly suggested to discontinue using the cream immediately.

Really, the product does get a major demerit for possible side effects.



There are a number of common ingredients found in this stretch mark cream. Among those ingredients would be:

    • Algae extract
    • Glucosamine HCI
    • Wheat starch
    • And more

These ingredients form a reliable stack that has been blended well.



    • Can work quickly for some
    • Is known to also get rid of wrinkles


    • Costly
    • Side effects
    • Not always in stock per the manufacturer



Striadril Stretch Marks Cream is not a bad product, but it could use some improvements. Overall, it gets a 2.5 star rating.

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