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Product's Name: Palmers Stretch Mark Cream
Solid Brand
Natural Ingredients
Might Not Work At All
Bottom Line : 2.5 /5 - Not Bad

Reviewed by: Dana Franklin on June 1, 2013

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Stretch marks are hardly anything anyone would want to see on the surface of their skin. Since you have landed on my Palmers Stretch Mark Cream review, then you likely are someone that is already suffering from the troubling presence of these unwanted red and purple scars.

I will get right to the point so as to help those seriously wondering whether or not this cream can help. It is a good cream. Now, I said it was a good cream. I never said it was a great cream. There is a huge difference between a decent product and one that is merely above average.

However, as you read this Palmers Stretch Mark Cream review, you might find that it is a decent topical cream which can serve your needs.


Stretch Marks Are No Joy

Stretch marks are hardly anything you will want appearing on your skin. The problem with these annoying and troubling stretch marks would be the fact they are ugly, unsightly and next to impossible to miss.

That is because these scars are commonly colored red and purple. Such discoloration will stand out against your natural skin tone making the scars next to impossible to hide. With the right skin cream, however, you will not have to hide anything.

Hopefully, the skin cream will work well enough to fade those annoying scars away and do so in a timely manner.

For some, Palmers Stretch Mark Cream might be the product that delivers the most benefit.


What Is Palmers Stretch Mark Cream?

No Palmers Stretch Mark Cream review would be worth much if it did not clearly explain what this cream is and how it works. On the most basic of levels, it can be best described as a topical skin cream that is rubbed into and absorbed by the skin.

Once it is absorbed, it can work towards alleviating the problems associated with stretch marks. The intended goal here is the stretch marks will be slowly and surely faded away.

What sets this product apart from some (but not all) stretch mark creams is that is employs a cocoa butter formula. Also, it is intended to be used as a massage cream for stretch marks. So, the ability to get the most out of the cream will be rooted in whether or not you can effectively massage it into the skin.


The Ingredient Stack

As with any other skin cream, the ingredient stack with this cream is what helps it deliver the sought after results. While cocoa butter is mentioned as the primary ingredient, that may be more of a marketing ploy since most have heard of cocoa butter.

This is not to suggest cocoa butter has no value replenishing the skin, but it may be somewhat overemphasized with this cream. The other ingredients in the cream include Vitamin E, shea butter, and a unique mix called Bio C-elaste.

Bio C-elaste is another stack of skin helping ingredients such as collagen, argan oil, and elastin.


The Use Of Palmer’s Massage Cream For Stretch Marks

The way you are to use this cream is relatively simple to follow. You are to apply a small amount of the cream to the surface of the skin that is marred by stretch marks. Rub the lotion into the skin in a circular manner.

Do not use too much lotion and avoid using too little. Using the lotion in this way a minimum of three times per day is recommended. You might even wish to use it more although that might be somewhat unnecessary.

One thing that does need to be clearly understood here is that inconsistent use of this (or any) skin cream is not going to yield results. Granted, no matter how you use the cream, it will not be as appealing as any results the best skin cream, Skinception, could ever offer.

That is a side point, though. The bottom line is you must use the cream on a consistent basis or it will not deliver the benefits you are seeking from it.



    • This is a relatively cheap stretch mark cream
    • The unique ingredient stack is a plus



    • This is not a revolutionary product by any stretch (pardon the pun)
    • Not everyone will be thrilled with the results that are achieved.


A Few Parting Thoughts

After reading my Palmers Stretch Mark Cream review, you likely figured out I was not too hot on this cream, but really had nothing supremely negative to say. Again, this is a good cream but nothing all that special or spectacular.

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