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Product's Name: Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream
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Reviewed by: Dana Franklin on July 19, 2013

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I am glad you have found my Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream review page. You are probably interested in reading the words herein because you want to buy a decent skin care product capable of helping you get rid of unwanted stretch marks.

I will get right to the point. Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream is a good product. It is not the greatest of all the skin creams on the market, but it certain does offer some positive benefits.

For most people, as long as they can find a reasonably priced skin cream, they will be thrilled with the results they achieve. While not everyone will experience the same results using Mustela Cream, it is still safe to say this is a decent cream that just might be able to deliver previously elusive changes to the skin.


Stretch Marks Can Certainly Be Unsightly

Stretch marks do not reflect a serious skin disease. (Granted, you still may wish to have your skin examined to be sure the problem really is just stretch marks) Stretch marks are scars that take the form of red and purple discolorations.

Regardless of how the stretch marks first appeared on the skin, they are there now and the main thing to think about would be the best way to fade them away so they no longer mar the skin. This is where Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream may prove helpful.

I will not suggest this is the perfect treatment for everyone, but some might rave about its benefits.


How Does This Cream Work?

A lot of people reading this review might think this cream works in a way no different than other creams. In the basic sense that it is applied topically, there would be common similarities among the many other creams on the market.

However, there are a few things that do set this particular cream apart from others. One obvious benefit would be quality. There are quite a number of fly by night products that are somewhat rushed into release to the market to capitalize on the popularity of other creams.

That is just the way the market works!

For those interested in this particular cream, it is designed to be applied to the skin twice a day. The first time would be in the morning and the second time would be in the evening. The cream should be rubbed into the skin in a circular manner so as to ensure the marks are properly treated.

Regular and consistent performance is a must or you will never gain the full benefit of what the cream pan deliver.


The Cream Is Targeted Towards Pregnant Women, But Others Suffering from Stretch Marks Can Use It

This is a stretch mark cream that is clearly marketed towards women who are pregnant. It is suggested to start using the cream early into the pregnancy as a preventive means of reducing the potential to suffer from serious stretch marks.

The manufacturer also notes continuing to use the cream for thirty days after the baby is born will contribute to even better results.

Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream is not just intended to be used by women who are pregnant. Any person that is suffering from stretch marks can use the cream. The best way to use the cream would be to apply it very early in the stages of when stretch marks begin to show up.

The longer stretch marks remain on the skin, the longer and more difficult it becomes to get rid of them.


The Ingredients

The ingredient list associated with this cream might have a few items with really long, processed sounding names. This might be a turnoff to some. The ingredients that stand out include:

    • Avocado Peptides
    • Lupeol
    • And Alpha Hydroxy Acid

The presence of these ingredients is designed to help enhance the elasticity of the skin. Increased and improved elasticity may contribute to the removal of stretch marks.



    • Has a preventive cure component
    • Can help enhance the elasticity of the skin



    • Not the absolute best product on the market
    • No major discounts available



Hopefully, this Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream may give you a little food for thought about dealing with skin issues. This is a decent Three Star product and one worth looking a little closer at.

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