Elastin3 – Advanced Stretch Mark Therapy Review


Product's Name: Elastin3 – Advanced Stretch Mark Therapy
Natural Ingredients
Side Effects Free
Might Not Work At All
Bottom Line : 2.5 /5 - Not Bad

Reviewed by: Dana Franklin on June 8, 2013

It's not cheap. Comes with no money back guarantee if you buy from Amazon or similar retailer
  • ? Days Money Back

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Elastin3 – Advanced Stretch Mark Therapy is one of those products I really wanted to like. In truth, there is nothing I can say about the cream that would make it sound like a terrible product. It certainly is not awful.

However, I do have to say it falls way below expectations. You might call is a fair or slightly below average product. While this is not exactly a condemnation of the cream, it is hardly raving praise.

Since the makers of Elastin3 did try to put a good effort into making a decent product, I thought I would do my part and try to give it a fair review. Here goes…..


What Does Elastin3 – Advanced Stretch Mark Therapy Do (Or Try to Do?)

Elastin3 is yet another in a long line of topical stretch mark cream removal products. No one wants to have purple or red stretch mark scars on their skin for the obvious reason,. They are ugly and detract from experiences.

Not everyone has the money or the inclination to undergo a costly medical procedure to get rid of stretch marks. This is where a topical cream like Elastin3 comes in. Through replenishing the skin with an all-natural ingredient stack, those annoying stretch marks are supposed to go away.

Unfortunately, you might not be supremely thrilled with any of the results you experience from Elastin3.

The formula does claim to be able to deliver on what most people would be interested in gaining from such a topical solution. That is, it suggests it has the ability to repair and reduce the presence of stretch marks on the skin.

Interestingly, it also claims the ability to prevent future stretch marks. How long into the future it can do this after you cease using it is anyone’s guess. The product also claims it can smooth out and tighten any and all skin types. That is a bold claim and it is a little doubtful it will help EVERYONE that uses it.

The G word, guarantee, is used as well. This is not always a wise word to use. Specifically, it is guaranteed that results will be seen in 30 days. No product should ever make guarantees because different customers will likely experience different results. To guarantee an outcome is never wise.

This is not to suggest the product is an outright fraud. It is not. It simply offers a very over the top number of claims in its marketing. Doing so, however, can detract the credibility away from the makers of the formula.


A Unique Approach

The formula does have a unique approach to helping restore the skin. The system contributes to keeping protein from connecting to the cell. What is the value of this? It might very well keep the surface muscles from contracting.

This, in turn, may allow the formula ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin.


Customers And Results

There have been mixed reviews from customers about this particular stretch mark formula. In fairness, there will always be customers that have good things to say and negative things about a particular stretch mark cream.

Some of the negative reviews of Elastin3 have been rather biting. There were a few glowing reviews, but not as many as a stellar product would receive. For example, Skinception is commonly cited as one of the very best products on the market and its reviews do reflect a greater sense of acclaim.

This formula has received an award from the Skin Care Buyers Guide so that must count for something.



One of the more interesting aspects of this particular stretch mark formula would be the inclusion of AH3 Amino Peptide. This can likely have a solid effect on the ability to help the skin.

While it is not a miracle ingredient, its inclusion does help set this formula apart from many others on the market. Hydrolyzed Collagen, Complex Soy Extract and Elastin would be the other main ingredients in the formula.



    • Contains a very unique ingredient stack
    • Has received an award from a reputable source



    • This is not exactly the best product on the market
    • A unique ingredient stack does not automatically mean results



This is an okay stretch mark therapy formula. It certainly does not reach the levels of Skinception or other top products. There is some merit with Elastin3, but you can find better on the market.

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