Another New Addition To The Skin Care Niche: My Phytomer SeaTonic Stretch Mark Reducing Cream Review


Product's Name: Phytomer SeaTonic Stretch Mark Reducing Cream
Good Ingredients
Easy To Apply
Results Vary
Bottom Line : 2.5 /5 - Not Bad

Reviewed by: Dana Franklin on September 7, 2013

Mid range product. Comes with 30 days money back guarantee (USA only). Contains common ingredients that can be found in other various creams
  • 30 Days Money Back

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Is there anything worse that can manifest on the surface of the skin than stretch marks? Once you look at the red and purple discolorations, you likely will very little would be worse. Very little would be less distracting to the skin.

The depression may really start to sink in once you start thinking that there is no recourse to getting rid of the awful marks that are marring the way you look. Before you start to fret to the point you are feeling despair, here is some good news.

Phytomer SeaTonic Stretch Mark Reducing Cream might very well be able to help you out. Upon reading this review, you might be thrilled to learn an alternative to cosmetic procedures exists. I do have to warn you though.

This is not exactly the greatest skin cream on the market. However, it is a fine product and can work okay for those wishing to reverse the annoying presence of stretch marks.

There are a few things to keep in mind about this cream…both pro and con. I am offering up this Phytomer SeaTonic Stretch Mark Reducing Cream review as a means of shedding light on the cream which, hopefully, will help guide consumers to a wise decision.


The Multifaceted Approach To Dealing With Stretch Mark Issues

One of the best benefits of this particular cream is that it actually has several benefits associated with it. There are several different approaches it takes to eliminating the presence of stretch marks on the skin.

The cream contributes to improving cellular renewal. That means new skin cells are created and new cells means less problems with scarring on the skin. Connective tissue will also be regenerated that can have a major impact on how the skin looks.

Probably most beneficial would be the cream can contribute to the prevention of stretch marks. Likely, the best way to deal with stretch marks would keep them from occurring in the first place. Preventive cosmetic creams like Phytomer SeaTonic Stretch Mark Reducing Cream may be able to help with that goal.


The Way To Apply The Cream

The directions for applying the cream are rather basic and straight forward, but they are to be done in a two part manner. The first would be to put the cream on the affected area and rub the cream in via circular motions.

This should aid in making sure the cream gets deep into the pores. The second phase of the application would be to use a palpating-rolling movement. This will ensure the cream is fully applied and delivers on expectations with very little wasted cream.


Firmer The Skin

It bears mentioning that one of the interesting benefits of this cream is is ability to help firm the skin. Loose skin can be less than desirable to look at and no one wishing to see wrinkled and blemished skin due to a decrease in firmness.

This cream may be able to aid in once again firming up the skin which, in turn, just must reduce problems associated with stretch marks.


Using The Cream

The main caveat here is that the cream does have to be used regularly or else results are going to be really elusive. Using the cream daily is suggested and for good reason. Eliminating or preventing stretch marks is not easy and does require daily treatments.


The Ingredient Stack

The ingredients found in this particular cream is a fairly good one. Nothing really stands out as special, but there are quite a number of solid ingredients which have been known to have a decent effect on the skin.

Among those ingredients would be:

    • Apricot Kernel Oil
    • Shea Butter
    • Vitamin E

Are all present and may have a solid effect on the skin.



    • May fade scars away in time
    • A few good ingredients are found in the stack



    • Not everyone will like the two steps treatment method
    • May not work to expectations


The Last Words On The Cream

Phytomer SeaTonic Stretch Mark Reducing Cream is not a bad product although, admittedly, there are a number of other ones on the market that might offer equal or better results. I give this one 2.5 stars.

For what it is, it is pretty decent.

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