A Clarins Stretch Mark Control Review: Falls Well Short Of Expectations


Product's Name: Clarins Stretch Mark Control
Comes With Money Back
Fair Price
Solid Brand
Easy To Apply
Results Vary
Bottom Line : 1.5 /5 - Terrible

Reviewed by: Dana Franklin on August 2, 2013

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Those interested in learning about how to get rid of annoying and troubling stretch marks may be looking for the all-elusive perfect topical treatment. You have reached my Clarins Stretch Mark Control review page hoping that your search may be over.

For a slim number of people, this product just might be able to deliver sought after results. For the vast majority of persons, this cream will utterly fail to deliver on expectation. In fact, this might be a really awful to topical cream that offers no solution whatsoever.


What is Clarins Stretch Mark Control Cream?

As the name suggests, this is a topical cream designed to be applied to the skin where it will absorb beneath the surface and (supposedly) eliminate the presence of these marks. Unfortunately, this is not a product that really has the potential to deliver much in terms of results. More on that later in the review.


What Exactly Are Stretch Marks?

The ability to understand what the cream is and how it works, it is necessary to explain what exactly stretch marks are. The best way to describe them would be to call them red and purple scars. The reason it is best to describe them in this way is because that is what they are.

Topical creams might have the potential to reduce the presence of these marks and scars. Clarins Stretch Mark Control Cream is not one of them.


What is the Major Problem With Clarins Stretch Mark Control Cream?

Basically, this is a very weak cream and one that will not likely deliver results. Getting straight to the point, it is necessary to note that the only single reason anyone would use this cream would be to get rid of stretch marks.

If such results are not forthcoming, then there is no reason whatsoever to use the cream and waste money on it. Rather than employ a weak product that falters on the ability to deliver results, it would be much better to look towards acquiring a cream that just might be able to restore elasticity to the skin and eliminate the scars.


How Does This Particular Cream Supposed Work?

As with other topical products, this cream comes in an innocuous tube. The cream is intended to be applied to the skin and rubbed in. Rubbing the cream into the skin via circular motions would be the best way to ensure it covers the totality of the discolored skin.

This should be done at least twice a day. Four weeks would be the common amount of time those who have claimed to experience solid results from it. Those who are the most common consumers of this cream would be women who are pregnant.

This is where the claims of four weeks showed the most results. Whether or not these claims can be outright proven remains a matter of conjecture. A lack of scientific study can lead to solely going by basic claims based on consumers.

Such claims may have merit, but the weakness of this particular product leads to quite a bit of skepticism as to whether or not it will actually work.


The Ingredients Of The Cream

The core ingredients of this cream is pure plant extracts. Many will be interested in selecting a product that has been made from all-natural ingredients. Why select a product that has been made with unnatural or processed ingredients?

Yes, all-natural is good, but it would be better if the product actually works and this just might not be that product. This product claims its ingredients can help tighten skin and reshape the pore region of the body.

Claims and anecdotal evidence may sound good on the surface, but the truth remains there is no real benefit to anecdotes and claims.



    • This is not a very costly product
    • The cream is fairly easy to application to the skin
    • All-natural component to the ingredients



    • The effectiveness is questionable at best
    • Too many unscientific claims of effectiveness



The best thing that can be said about this product is it is easy to application. Beyond that, there is really nothing unique or special to it. The lack of any real proof of effectiveness further reduces its value. All in all, this is a 1.5 star product best avoided.

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