A Cautionary TriLASTIN-SR Review


Product's Name: TriLASTIN-SR
Solid Brand
Possible Side Effects
Hard To Get Your Money back
Bottom Line : 2.5 /5 - Not Bad

Reviewed by: Dana Franklin on December 25, 2012

Please do not buy this cream
  • The Worst Product
  • 60 Days Money Back

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Not very many people would want to see the presence of stretch marks on their skin. However, there are many things that can contribute to their onset. As a result, many will panic and look for a treatment.

I can understand their desire to get rid of such marks from their skin. They are quite unsightly. I do understand that many will find the advertising of TriLASTIN-SR to be enough to lead them to giving it a try.

Unfortunately, this is not a very good stretch market cream and using it will likely lead to a lot of disappointment.



TriLASTIN-SR is a stretch mark cream that claims the ability to get rid of such marks in as quickly as three weeks. Such a grand claim certainly will be appealing to anyone that wants to get rid of stretch marks as quickly as can be.

However, the claims of the product are not the same as the results that are actually delivered. Or more accurately, this is a product that does not really offer the results that it claims to be able to.


Will Using A Lot Of The Cream Contribute To It Being Able To Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks?

Commonly, when a product does not appear to be delivering on desired results, there will be a tendency to increase the amount of the product being used. This is rarely a good idea since it will not lead to positive results.

Similarly, using the regular amount of a cream that fails to yield results continually for several weeks will not be of much benefit either. There are reports of those using several bottles of TriLASTIN-SR over an extended period of time. The end results are no results at all.


What Is Meant By A Lack Of Results?

Basically, a lack of results refers to no removal of the stretch marks. The redness and discoloration of the stretch marks remain even though this topical treatment is applied.

Unless a cream is capable of removing redness and stretch marks, it is really not a product that has any practical value for the cost.

Some have reported there have been minor results from using the product, but minor results are not likely what anyone would be looking for when purchasing this cream.

Honestly, the minor results might be the limited natural fading of the stretch marks on their own. The actual use of this cream might have had nothing to do with the process.


Is The Cost Of TriLASTIN-SR Reasonable?

The way to answer this question is to look at the results. No matter what the cream costs, if it is not able to deliver any results, then it is not worth the price. At a fee of $58, it would be sincerely difficult to say this cream is worth paying such high costs for.

Honestly, even if it was far, far less in cost, it would be impossible to justify paying anything for it due to the apparent lack of results.



I do have to say the ingredients found in this product are a little strange sounding would be an understatement. These ingredients include:

    • Chlorophenesin
    • Propylparaben
    • Azelaic Acid
    • Peg-3 Benzyl
    • Ether Myristate
    • Glycerin
    • Ceterayl Alcohol
    • And other somewhat less than friendly sounding items

Those that might be fans of all-natural ingredients and products could be really put off reading the names of some of these ingredients.



    • Easy to order this cream online
    • Some reviews have been positive ones



    • A lack of results is frequently reported
    • The cost of the product is very high


Final Words And Thoughts

I do have to say that there are quite a number of helpful products on the market that may very well be able to eliminate stretch marks. TriLASTIN-SR does not reach such levels of quality.

Rather, it is a weak one that has very little value to those suffering from stretch marks.

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