Why Smoking Can Lead To Stretch Marks


There are quite a few factors that can lead to stretch marks on the skin. Many are well aware of the fact that rapid weight gain can lead to the onset of stretch marks. Weight gain from bodybuilding, excess fat or even pregnancy can all contribute to stretch marks showing up on the skin.

However, there may be other reasons why stretch marks can manifest. Did you know, for example, that smoking may cause the presence of stretch marks? As bizarre as it sounds, smoking might very well lead to stretch marks appearing on the skin.


Stretch Marks And Scarring

There might be some confusion over what stretch marks are and how and why they appear on the skin. Commonly, stretch marks are those of as being a variant of acne. This is a woefully inaccurate assessment of what these strange marks and discolorations are.

Stretch marks are a form of scarring. The scarring is the result of the skin being stretched and torn due to weight gain. Strangely, smoking may factor into why the issue of stretch marks may manifest. How and why this is so is worth looking closer at.


The Smoking And Stretch Mark Connection

There is a very simple and basic reason why stretch marks show up on the skin when you smoke is because of the effect smoking has on the skin and the blood vessels under the skin. If you are a smoker, you run the risk of making your skin less and less elastic.

Since your skin is losing elasticity, it becomes much more likely to experience the micro tearing that is at the root of stretch mark development.


The Nicotine Dilemma

Nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarettes. While virtually everyone knows this, not everyone knows that nicotine is an outright poison. Nicotine negatively effects the body is scores of ways and, yes, there will be deeply troubling effects on the skin.

One reason people might not be aware of how nicotine damages the skin is because there are so many harms the body suffers from taking nicotine, a number of the serious problems can literally be pushed off to the wayside.

Nicotine can actually damage the fibers and connective tissue of the skin. This means elasticity in the skin will weaken. Soon after, the skin is very likely to be at risk for stretch marks. This may even be true if you are not only smoking the nicotine.

You might be taking a nicotine replacement gum or trans dermal patch and suffering from such risks. Granted, continuing to smoke will cause all manner of other problems that would be best avoided since they can be life-threatening.


The Most Troubling Aspect Of Smoking Related Stretch Marks

When you build a massive amount of muscle mass, you may see stretch marks in the shoulders and the biceps or other areas where you build up your muscle mass. If you boost your size due to gaining a lot of fat, you will probably experience stretch marks emerging on the thighs and the stomach.

In short, where you gain weight, you will manifest stretch marks. With smoking, you might see stretch marks appearing all over the entire body. These discolored scars might show up on the legs, the arms, the face, and the neck.

Honestly, it is possible that the stretch marks could show up on any surface area of the body.

The reason for this is when you smoke, you are negatively impacting all the skin on your body. It is literally poisoned in total. Since you are negatively effecting all the fibers of your skin, you may end up getting stretch marks anywhere on your body.

Consider that another reason why you will want to quit smoking and do so as quickly as possible. The fact you would be reducing your potential to suffer from heart and lung disease would be another obvious reason to cease smoking.


Dealing With The Stretch Marks

If stretch marks are showing up on your skin, you will be thrilled to learn there are a few ways to deal with the marks. From laser surgery to topical creams such as the excellent Skinception, you can feel confident there is a solution worth exploring.

Those permanent stretch marks might end up not being as permanent as you have been led to believe.

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