What Are Bodybuilding Stretch Marks


Is there really such a thing as bodybuilding stretch marks? While some might think this is a myth, it certainly is not. There are quite a number of bodybuilders that can suffer from stretch marks.

To help anyone concerned about these stretch marks, I am offering a short little overview of the problem and why it can occur.


Bodybuilding Has Its Benefits…And Stretch Mark Risks

I am sure if you are thinking about taking up bodybuilding, you are doing so because you want to improve your health and fitness. While bodybuilding is commonly associated with looks, a solid weightlifting regiment can help you increase your strength and conditioning.

This, in turn, can contribute greatly to enhancing your fitness level. That said, you also can greatly improve how you look as your muscles become more massive and your body fat drops allowing you to become ripped. So, you likely do not want to deal with bodybuilding stretch marks.


What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are basically a form of scarring. The scars appear as discoloration on the skin and are commonly the result of massive weight gain or pregnancy. Sometimes overlooked will be the development of these scars due to an intense bodybuilding program.


The Bodybuilding/Stretch Marks Connection

It might seem bizarre this can happen, but bodybuilding also involves weight gain. You are, after all, building up a significant amount of muscle mass. One reason this can occur would be due to massive weight gain in a relatively quick amount of time.

Not all bodybuilders develop stretch marks. Genetics do play a role in the outcome. That said, those that pack on a massive amount of muscle in a short period of time may end up at a higher risk of getting bodybuilding stretch marks.

The skin is somewhat stressed by the rapid boost in muscle mass. Stretch mark scarring might end up being the result of this.


Insights On Preventing The Stretch Marks From Appearing

The best way to deal with stretch marks would be to take steps to avoid them from appearing in the first place.

The obvious best way to prevent such issues would be to try to avoid packing on a lot of muscle mass too quickly. There are advanced workout programs that can help you boost your muscle mass size rather quickly.


Here is some advice: avoid those exercises. Instead, you can cut down on the intensity of your workouts and make it a little less likely that stretch marks will emerge.

Some will have good genetics that can lead them to packing on muscle mass quickly no matter how they work out. If you are such a person, you need to pay extra attention to your skin. This way, you can pick up on the signs of stretch marks the minute they appear.

There is another way you can cut down on the potential to develop bodybuilding stretch marks. This would be through improving your nutrition and diet. On the surface, it might not seem that a change in diet would have anything to do with dealing with bodybuilding stretch marks.

However, the two do have a lot to do with one another. A diet than has a good amount (but not too much) vitamin E may be able to cut down on the potential to develop unwanted stretch marks.

For those wishing to help ensure they are getting the right nutritional support to avoid issues associated with stretch marks, it is suggested to take a multivitamin. As far as nutritional support is concerned, a multivitamin can often help overcome any deficiencies you may be suffering from, within reason, of course.


What Happens When The Stretch Markets Emerge

Once the stretch marks do actually appear on the skin, you have a major problem. No one wants to deal with stretch marks and they just might be an unwanted side effect of bodybuilding success.

If these unsightly marks do show up on your skin, you may be able to deal with them. A topical cream called Skinception might very well be able to help reduce the presence of these troubling and distracting marks from your skin.

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