5 Causes Of Stretch Marks In Teens


Teenagers generally have to suffer many changes to their body. To some, the word suffer might be a harsh word to use. For many teens, the word suffering might not even be strong enough!

No one would want to deal with skin conditions such as acne when they are young and have to deal with social issues from their peers. In some cases, acne is not even the primary skin issue they may be dealing with.

Surprisingly, a number of young adults might have to deal with the presence of stretch marks on their skin.


What Are Stretch Marks?

The basic definition of stretch marks would be scarring on the skin that creates discoloration. Stretch marks can be very noticeable. In some cases, they can reach the level of almost disfiguring someone’s appearance.

Stretch marks do not have to reach the level of disfiguration to make teens self-conscious. Even the mild presence of stretch marks on the skin can be a major cause of alarm among them.

Stretch Marks


What Causes Stretch Marks?

The most common cause of stretch marks is a rapid increase in weight gain. With teens, however, there may be further complexities leading to their development. Figuring out why this is so can be achieved through looking closer at a few of the reasons why a teen might end up with stretch marks.


The Five Common Reasons Why A Teen May Suffer From Stretch Marks

There are a number of reasons why a teenager may suffer from the presence of stretch marks on the skin. The following are five reasons why these stretch marks might end up manifesting.

  1. Teenagers grow.
    This might be among the most overlooked of all reasons why teenagers get stretch marks and, ironically, it is probably the most common one. Teenagers may experience rapid growth. It is not uncommon for a teen to become several inches taller and wider within a single year. As a result, stretch marks might make an appearance on the skin. What can be so very frustrating about these stretch marks derived from growth spurts is they are completely unavoidable.
  2. The teenager simply gains a massive amount of weight due to a bad diet.
    Obesity in children and teens is hardly anything new. A great many of the foods young persons eat will be loaded with fats and sugar. This means they will be eating a lot of selections with tons of empty calories. When you add all the leisure time a teen spends on the computer or playing video games, this means there is great potential to pack on a lot of unwanted fat. As a result, the skin stretches and stretch marks appear.
  3. Weightlifting can lead to stretch marks.
    It might seem odd that lifting weights to get into great shape can cause skin issues. The strange fact some might not be aware of is that muscle mass increases can lead to the skin stretching in the same manner fat will stretch it. It does not matter how or why the skin gets stretched. If it is being stretched, the skin becomes placed at great risk for the development of stretch marks. Overdoing it with packing on a lot of muscle mass too quickly can lead to stretch marks. As such, teens need to be a little careful with their mass building programs.
  4. Genetics can sometimes lead to stretch marks.
    The genetic makeup of a teen can make one youngster more susceptible for stretch marks than others. For example, some teens just might not produce the right amount of collagen which leads to the stretch marks occurring.
  5. A weak diet that embodies very poor nutrition will contribute to stretch marks.
    Teens and adults should take a multivitamin every single day. This will help cut down on the onset of stretch marks among other issues common due to eating a weak diet lacking in the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients. You ca find more about anti stretch mark diet here


Dealing With Stretch Marks

Teens that suffer from stretch marks may want to have them treated. There are a few ways this can be done. One such way would be to use a solid cream such as Skinception as it has been known to deliver decent results.

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