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Product's Name: Vivaplex Stretch Mark Cream
Made In USA
Endorsed By Doctor
Results Vary
No Money Back Policy
Bottom Line : 1.5 /5 - Terrible

Reviewed by: Dana Franklin on July 5, 2013

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Thank you for locating my Vivaplex Stretch Mark Cream Review Page! One of the reasons why I am glad you have found it is because I certainly do not want to see you waste any money on a terrible product.

I do hate to be so blunt as well as remain the bearer of bad news.

However, stretch marks become harder to remove the older they get. The issue here is any time that is wasted on a rotten (sorry to say!) product, all you are doing is wasting time. That is not going to be easy to deal with when you are suffering from the presence of stretch marks.


What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are basically scars that cause discoloration on the skin. Commonly, stretch marks arise when rapid weight gain causes the skin to stretch beyond its original position. Anything from pregnancy to fat gain to muscle boosting can lead to stretch marks on the skin.

Again, these stretch marks present a major discoloration that is red and purple in look. This creates an annoying contrast from the proper tone of the skin. As a result, many will look for products that might alleviate the problem.

Or, in this case, they may be looking at Vivaplex Stretch Mark Cream which means they are looking at a product that WILL NOT alleviate the problem.


What Is The Main Problem With Vivaplex Stretch Mark Cream?

In the most simple and straight forward terms, this is definitely not a cream that actually works. Anyone hoping to see the annoying presence of stretch marks to go away will find that, well, they just do not go away.

To say there is absolutely no use for a stretch mark cream that does not really remove any stretch marks would be simply restating the obvious.


What Does The Product Claim To Do?

The product does make a few common claims that should be expected from a cream of this nature. The goal of Vivaplex is to help restore a little bit of life to the skin cells. This is intended to help the skin repair any damage it has suffered.

Some have even suggested this product is good as a preventive strategy. That means it purports to keep the stretch marks from appearing in the first place. Whether or not it can actually do this is another matter.


The Two Pronged Strategy That Vivaplex Stretch Mark Cream Offers

One of the more unique aspect of the cream would be it employs a two pronged method for treating the discoloration. There is both a lotion and a cream that will be applied. So, to call the product a skin cream is to sell it short.

The lotion adds another component to the treatment.

Unfortunately, no one is going to give a skin cream or lotion or a combination of the two any points if the product lacks effectiveness. The lack of effectiveness is always going to hang over its head as well it should. Effectiveness is all that matters.


How To Apply It

The application method employed revolves around putting the lotion on in the morning and then the cream would follow at night. Why this is to be done may be somewhat of a mystery. Is it because the lotion is lighter and less thick?

No one really knows for sure and this begs the question as to whether or not there is any real difference between the cream and the lotion. Not to belabor a point, but if this product does not work, does it really matter if it comes in two different forms?

Day + evening = no results? Not good!


The Ingredients

A brief look at the ingredients of this particular product will reveal a number of common ones found in many similar products:

    • S Licorice Extract
    • Aloe Vera
    • hea Butter
    • and Green Tea Extract

Are among those ingredients you will find.

One of the more interesting of the ingredients present would be creatine which is not commonly found in these products.



    • Some may be pleased with the results
    • Creative reflects a very unique ingredient



    • The two step method of application is nothing special
    • Results might not be forthcoming


Final Thoughts

Let me be honest in my Vivaplex Stretch Mark Cream review: there are better products on the market. I give this 1.5 stars. Look for something else! You will want results, right?

Product's Name: Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream
Free Ground Shipping For Selected Orders
Results Vary
Limited Ingredients
Bottom Line : 2 /5 - Terrible

Reviewed by: Dana Franklin on July 12, 2013

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  • 30 Days Money Back

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Welcome to my Apothederm Skin Care Cream Review page! If you have decided to visit my page, then you likely are not thrilled with the current appearance of your skin. Likely, you are dealing with the very annoying problem of stretch marks.

As unsightly as stretch marks are, they can develop due to unavoidable rapid weight gain. Once they are there, you can lament over them or you can take steps to get rid of then. Surgery is probably out of the question do to the costs and the risks, so you opt to reach for a topical skin cream.

There is certainly nothing wrong with this strategy. The problem is, however, you selected Apothederm Skin Care Cream. Well, hopefully you haven’t by this point since you are reading this review so you can make a better purchasing decision.

If you are reading this review because you are looking for a missing secret about how to make the skin cream work a little better, well, you cannot.


Apothederm Skin Care Cream is NOT Awful, But You Could Do A Lot Better

I do not want anyone to think this is the worst possible skin care and stretch mark cream on the market. There are, shockingly, quite a number of truly awful stretch mark creams on the market. Even a cursory look at some of the reviews online will reveal which ones they are.

My goal here is not to trash them, but to bring attention to Apothederm Skin Care Cream. So, I have to be honest, this is the quintessential Two Star review.

Basically, there are some customers that might find this particular cream is helpful. Most will not find it all that great and even when results are achieved, they might be minimal. In short, you are not really going to see your stretch marks go away very much if at all if you even do experience results.


How Does This Skin Cream Product Work?

The way the cream is to be applied is relatively simple. That alone can be considered one of the best attributes of the product. A small amount of cream is to be applied to the surface of the skin where the stretch marks appear.

The cream is then rubbed into the skin in a circular manner. The cream might be a little greasy which is a trait some will certainly deem a drawback. (I know I do) So, you will need to let the cream dry a bit.

The cream definitely has to dry out before your put any clothes over it or else they may end up sticking to your skin. Obviously, that is not something you will want to see occur.


Does It Really Deliver On Expectations?

Anyone hoping to experience any dramatic stretch mark reductions using this particular cream is going to be extremely disappointed. Apothederm Skin Care Cream is not the wonder product its expansive advertising campaign portrays it as.

Yeah, that is what advertising campaigns are for so you cannot fault them for trying, but seriously, people want to see results for their money! At the high price tag this cream comes with, you would think it actually would deliver results.

Not everyone will be totally displeased with the results, but any consumer thinking all their stretch mark woes will go away will be left quite unhappy.

Anyone thriled about a dark stretch mark being reduced to a faint one might think this is an okay skin cream. Most likely will want something a little better as far as results go.



The ingredients are, quite honestly, a hodgepodge and include such diverse items as:

    • Algae extract
    • Yeast extract
    • Licorice root extract
    • The ever popular shea butter
    • And a number of seemingly processed ingredients

Those that like all-natural products may be put off by the names of some of these ingredients.



    • Some customers speak highly of it
    • There are a few well known ingredients in the stack



    • This is a very costly stretch mark skin cream
    • The results will likely be far less than desirable


Final Thoughts And Words

As I stated earlier in this Apothederm Skin Care Cream review, this is a classic two star product. It might not be the worst product on the market. However, there are quite a number of better ones.

Why invest money on a weaker product when it could be better spent on something that might deliver on expectations?

Product's Name: Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream
Solid Brand
Good Ingredients
No Discounts Are Available
No Free Shipping
Bottom Line : 3 /5 - Not Bad

Reviewed by: Dana Franklin on July 19, 2013

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  • ? Days Money Back

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I am glad you have found my Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream review page. You are probably interested in reading the words herein because you want to buy a decent skin care product capable of helping you get rid of unwanted stretch marks.

I will get right to the point. Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream is a good product. It is not the greatest of all the skin creams on the market, but it certain does offer some positive benefits.

For most people, as long as they can find a reasonably priced skin cream, they will be thrilled with the results they achieve. While not everyone will experience the same results using Mustela Cream, it is still safe to say this is a decent cream that just might be able to deliver previously elusive changes to the skin.


Stretch Marks Can Certainly Be Unsightly

Stretch marks do not reflect a serious skin disease. (Granted, you still may wish to have your skin examined to be sure the problem really is just stretch marks) Stretch marks are scars that take the form of red and purple discolorations.

Regardless of how the stretch marks first appeared on the skin, they are there now and the main thing to think about would be the best way to fade them away so they no longer mar the skin. This is where Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream may prove helpful.

I will not suggest this is the perfect treatment for everyone, but some might rave about its benefits.


How Does This Cream Work?

A lot of people reading this review might think this cream works in a way no different than other creams. In the basic sense that it is applied topically, there would be common similarities among the many other creams on the market.

However, there are a few things that do set this particular cream apart from others. One obvious benefit would be quality. There are quite a number of fly by night products that are somewhat rushed into release to the market to capitalize on the popularity of other creams.

That is just the way the market works!

For those interested in this particular cream, it is designed to be applied to the skin twice a day. The first time would be in the morning and the second time would be in the evening. The cream should be rubbed into the skin in a circular manner so as to ensure the marks are properly treated.

Regular and consistent performance is a must or you will never gain the full benefit of what the cream pan deliver.


The Cream Is Targeted Towards Pregnant Women, But Others Suffering from Stretch Marks Can Use It

This is a stretch mark cream that is clearly marketed towards women who are pregnant. It is suggested to start using the cream early into the pregnancy as a preventive means of reducing the potential to suffer from serious stretch marks.

The manufacturer also notes continuing to use the cream for thirty days after the baby is born will contribute to even better results.

Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream is not just intended to be used by women who are pregnant. Any person that is suffering from stretch marks can use the cream. The best way to use the cream would be to apply it very early in the stages of when stretch marks begin to show up.

The longer stretch marks remain on the skin, the longer and more difficult it becomes to get rid of them.


The Ingredients

The ingredient list associated with this cream might have a few items with really long, processed sounding names. This might be a turnoff to some. The ingredients that stand out include:

    • Avocado Peptides
    • Lupeol
    • And Alpha Hydroxy Acid

The presence of these ingredients is designed to help enhance the elasticity of the skin. Increased and improved elasticity may contribute to the removal of stretch marks.



    • Has a preventive cure component
    • Can help enhance the elasticity of the skin



    • Not the absolute best product on the market
    • No major discounts available



Hopefully, this Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream may give you a little food for thought about dealing with skin issues. This is a decent Three Star product and one worth looking a little closer at.

Product's Name: StriVectin-SD
Comes With Money Back Guarantee
Solid Brand
Very Easy To Apply
Price Is Too High
Bottom Line : 2.5 /5 - Not Bad

Reviewed by: Dana Franklin on July 26, 2013

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  • 30 Days Money Back

Full Review

No one would ever want to deal with the presence of stretch marks on their skin. The strange red and purple marks such scars present on the skin definitely will lead sufferers looking for a means of getting rid of them.

Questions will arise regarding what would be the best product on the market capable of doing so. StriVectin-SD might be among the most popular and well known of these stretch mark creams.

Once you read my StriVectin-SD review, you might be tempted to purchase it. While I would never call it the greatest stretch mark cream available, it is a decent one that just might be able to deliver sought after results.


What Is StriVectin-SD?

StriVectin-SD professes itself to be be the total intensive repair system for the seemingly permanent condition of stretch marks. (I have to point out no cream is going to work well on stretch marks that have been on the skin for some time so there will be a need to work quick to get rid of them)

Actually, to call this product an anti-stretch mark cream would not be a completely accurate assessment. One of the other stated goals of the cream would be to eliminate wrinkles. Wrinkles are the result of a lack of elasticity in the skin and, in some cases, this may be a common cause of stretch marks as well.

Either way, the tightening of the skin can help eliminate scores of problems associated with the skin include marks, wrinkles, and fine lines. The common question that may arise is whether or not this particular cream can do what it says it can do at the level of effectiveness it claims.

For some, StriVectin-SD might very well be the perfect topical treatment that contributes to ageless skin. Others might find the claims to be a little overstated and are not entirely thrilled with the results.

Unfortunately, not everyone that uses this particular cream will be completely thrilled with the results.


The Amount Used Will Vary Depending On What The Cream Is Intended To Be Used For

If you are using the product to get rid of wrinkles, a single purchase could cover treatments for up to six months. That might not be all that bad of an investment.

However, for those wishing to get rid of stretch marks who, I am sure, are the bulk of the people reading this review, one unit will only offer enough cream for four to six weeks. The cost of a bottle of StriVectin-SD cream is about $135. (One bottle is roughly 8.8 ounces of topical solution)

That can prove to be an enoromous sum for what comes out to very few weeks of use. The amount of time the cream is used for could even end up being very inadequate in terms of actually being able to get rid of stretch marks.

Many consumers that are suffering from the unsightly condition of stretch marks would certainly be willing to pay huge sums (if they can afford to do so) to achieve desired results. Reviews have noted results have been seen within 30 days, but not everyone is likely to suggest they can attain such results.


The Ingredients

There are quite a few unique ingredients that make up this particular cream:

    • Sesame Oil
    • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
    • Sweet Almond Oil
    • And C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate

Are all listed as being among the main ingredients.

It is suggested to apply a small amount of the cream on one’s arm. This way, it is possible to notice any side effects right away before using the cream on a grander scale.


Using The Cream

The use of the cream is rather simple and straight forward. It is to be applied to the skin and rubbed in gently. This process is to continue regularly over several weeks. Hopefully, in time, this will lead to achieving sought after results.



    • Reviews for this particular cream have been positive (mainly)
    • The solution is very easy to apply to the skin



    • The cost is enormous compared to other products
    • Individual results may vary



Are there better products on the market than StriVectin-SD? Yes, there are. Are there worse products on the market than StriVectin-SD? Yes, there are. So, I guess you could say this is the quintessential middle of the road skin cream product.

For those looking for a decent solution to their stretch mark woes, this cream may be worth considering. Overall, I give is 2.5 stars.