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Stretch marks are not exactly the most pleasing thing to manifest on the skin. The red and purple discolorations associated with these scars definitely can undermine the pristine nature of a person’s skin.

Once a person notices these scars, the next step will be to try and get rid of them. Of course, this will lead to questions regarding how one can get rid of them. They certainly will not fade away on their own overnight.

To help deal with the problem of these scars, those afflicted with them will look towards popular skin care products claiming to offer a solution. One such solution may be the rather curious

Derma Rollers available on the market. Can these items really get rid of unwanted and troubling stretch marks?


What Are Derma Rollers?

As the name suggests, a Derma Roller is a device that looks a lot like a roller and sort of rolls over the surface of the skin. The reason that it cannot be called an actual roller is that it is not completely smooth in design.

Rather, it has a number of small needles in it which come in contact with the skin. Do not worry about the needles being supremely damaging. The needles are quite small so you will not be tearing up the skin.

Rather, the roller needles are designed to help transfer creams or topical solutions that are known to work against stretch marks. (check this video for more details)


Buying The Right One

Be sure to purchase a Derma Roller that is intended to be used as a solution to stretch marks. There are quite a number of different rollers that the company releases. Not all are designed for stretch marks.

Since you do want to ensure any work you do to your stretch marks, you will need to buy the right Derma Roller. Feel free to check Amazon or Ebay for popular brands and customer reviews.


Using The Derma Roller By Itself

Now, it is possible to use the Derma Roller by itself. Through going over the skin with the tiny needles in the roller, the ability to eliminate and clear up scars may be possible. There are customer testimonials that do mention excellent results have been achieved through using a Derma Roller.

While it is a good thing there are customers that have positive things to say about these rollers, your own personal experiences will surely vary. Not everyone can expect the same results, but when good reviews appear online, this can be an indication that the rollers can be effective.


The Use of Derma Rollers With A Serum Or Cream

A common way in which the Derma Roller can be used to deal with stretch marks would be to add a serum or cream designed to help with the presence of stretch marks on the skin. Many consumers will purchase the topical stretch mark creams or serums and apply them directly to the skin.

Often, this may be more than enough to deal with these troubling scars. However, for others, the ability to get rid of the scars or, at the very least, minimize them becomes less than expected. As a result, many will become annoyed and give up on any further attempts to wipe out the stretch marks.

This might be a huge mistake because such an attitude does not exactly help the cause of making the stretch marks go away.

Rather than quit, it may be better to purchase the Derma Roller and add a cream or serum that can aid in getting rid of stretch marks. A high quality cream along the lines of Skinception might be the best to buy.

Skinception has received many positive reviews in the market and using it with a Derma Roller might further make it possible to naturally get rid of stretch marks.

Of course, individual results will certainly vary. To further enhance the possibility the desired outcome is achieved, use the Derma Roller and any topical solution as recommended in the directions.

You also will want to use these items consistently to boost their success potential.


No one wishes to see their skin present blemishes or anything that may be distracting. Common issues such as skin rashes can be a huge cause for alarm for many. However, problems along the lines of rashes are quite minimal in comparison to more serious problems such as stretch marks.

Stretch marks do not appear easily and when they do, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of.

This is not to say you cannot get rid of stretch marks, as there are options available. A great many people may not know that stretch marks can be treated. As a result, they continue to suffer with the presence of these marks on their skin.

To help those that might be dealing with the troubling issue of stretch marks, the following is a beginner guide to stretch mark removal procedures.


What Are Stretch Marks?

Before discussing the ways that stretch marks can be removed, it is best to clearly define what they are. Also known as striae, stretch marks are a form of scarring that appears on the skin. These scars also present discoloration which further contributes to their incredibly troubling visuals.

When you develop stretch marks, it is really tough to miss them and many people wish they could be rid of them easily. However, it might not also be easy to do so since they reflect a major change to the skin.


What Causes Stretch Marks?

As the name implies, stretch marks are caused by the outright stretching of the skin. This stretching can be minor or it can be pronounced. Often, rapid stretching of the skin combined with hormonal issues can lead to these annoying marks. In essence, the skin is surprised by the rapid growth it undergoes and this leads to scarring.

Many will assume that overeating is the only thing that creates these scars. While it is definitely true that eating too much too soon and packing on a huge amount of weight will cause stretch marks, there are other weight gain methods that can cause the marks.

Bodybuilding, for example, can cause the marks. Pregnancy can do so as well.


The Path To Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks

Regardless of the reason why the stretch marks are appealing on the skin, they are there. For the person suffering from them, there will be less of an interest in learning where they came from as opposed to learning how to remove them.


The Medical Route

The traditional way to get rid of stretch marks would be the medical one. Yes, there are quite a number of cosmetic procedures that can be used to remove the presence of stretch marks from the skin.

Some may consider this to be good news while others might not be very willing to undergo any type of medical procedure. Laser treatments would be the most well known of these treatments and they can be performed by an experienced dermatologist.

Laser treatments can be very effective, but they also can be quite costly at anywhere from $400 to $1,000 a session.

Retinoids are also commonly employed to get rid of stretch marks. Retenoids are prescriptions that come in many different forms. The main benefit of taking these treatments is they will improve collagen and elastic production.

They generally will prove most helpful during the very early stages of the appearance of stretch marks. Actually, any and all treatments for stretch marks are best served being employed during the early stages of the onset of stretch marks.

Once the stretch marks are significant in presence and have been there some time, getting rid of them might be very difficult.


The Natural Method

Not everyone is very fond of undergoing laser treatments. And quite honestly, a large number of sufferers of stretch marks could never be able to afford the treatment. Not everyone will be all that interested in taking prescription drugs even if they are relatively safe.

Anyone with such concerns may wish to look towards trying all-natural topical treatments to remove the presence of stretch marks.

For those interested in a popular stretch mark solution, Skinception Stretch Mark Revomal Serum might be worth looking into. This is a relatively inexpensive topical treatment and one that has received quite a number of positive testimonials and reviews.

It is comprised of all-natural ingredients and this might be very attractive to those wishing to avoid putting any chemicals on their skin or absorbing them into their bloodstream. Again, it is best to use treatments such as this during the early stages to increase the chances of effectiveness.


There Are Always Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Do not think it is uncommon to feel despondent over stretch marks manifesting on the skin. There are solutions that are available. Not all of these methods are costly or invasive as evidenced by the ability to use products such as Skinception.

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