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What causes stretch marks on buttocks, arms and legs? This is a serious question many women and men will ask. This is an important question to ask so it can become possible to take the steps to take preventive steps to avoid the problem.

Even if the stretch marks do show up on these areas of the skin, at least knowing why they appear can help calm one down about the condition and the issues related to it.


Not A Harmful Condition

First, it is important to realize that stretch marks do not reflect any harmful or dangerous condition that may be emerging. It is a fully benign condition although it is safe to say most will find it a highly visually unappealing one.


What Are Stretch Marks On The Hips, Thighs, Buttocks, Arms And Legs?

Stretch marks are another name for striae. This is the condition where red marks appear on the skin in a seemingly mysterious manner. Actually, there is no mystery about the process.

There are quite a few reasons for its onset. Before delving into why the stretch marks occur, it is necessary to note what they are. Essentially, these marks derive from when the skin is stretched far beyond its natural elasticity.

As a result, the skin is left with various troubling marks.

While it is known now that stretched skin causes stretch marks, what is it that actually stretches the skin? There are a few underlying factors that will contribute to such an issue.


Weight And Muscle Gain

Among the most likely cause of stretch marks would be the onset of weight gain. Commonly, people will think of fat when the term weight gain is mentioned. This is a very accurate assessment in a host of cases.

That said, even muscle gain from spending a larger number of hours working out in the gym can lead to the development of these unwanted marks. Commonly, muscle gain from the expansion of muscles will appear on the thighs.

This is because the thighs will grow larger from heavy weight exercises such as barbell squats. The buttocks and stomach will not grow larger when worked out as they will not develop mass.

Rather, they will become tighter and toned. The arms, however, will become larger in the biceps, triceps and forearms. These muscle regions can grow huge from mass.

Now, all of these regions can also end up packing on a great deal of fat. Fat can collect almost anywhere on the body. When it does, there may be an effect on the skin. Among those effects would be stretch marks.

There will be no visual difference from the stretch marks caused by muscle gain vs. those caused by fat gain.


Hormonal Issues

Changes in hormones can lead to the onset of stretch marks. This is a somewhat overlooked cause but it is a common cause nonetheless. There are many reasons why the hormones in the body might contribute to issues related to stretch marks.

What can be most annoying about the hormonal causes is they are not exactly easy to detect or predict. As a result, when hormones lead to stretch marks appearing, the sufferers can be shocked as to why.



For many women, it is pregnancy that can lead to the onset of these troubling stretch marks. This will likely cause most of the stretch marks to appear in the breasts or stomach.

However, it is not impossible for pregnancy related stretch marks to show up in other regions of the body.


Taking Steps To Deal With The Issue Of Stretch Marks

Learning the reasons why stretch marks on the arms, legs, stomach, and buttocks can be helpful for clarity, but it will not concretely eliminate the presence of stretch marks.

Rather, what is necessary would be to find a reliable over the counter product that can get rid of stretch marks in a noninvasive manner. A quality topical skin restoration cream might be able to do just that.

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What causes stretch marks in men? This is a question that needs to be asked to reduce the stress and anxiety some men may have over dealing with this very troubling skin issue.

Here is a truth about skin health that might be shocking to many. It is true that men can develop stretch marks. Most will likely assume that only women can get stretch marks as this is a common result of pregnancy.

While that may be true, there are other reasons why women can get stretch marks. Of course, many of these reasons will also apply to men. However, there may be some reasons that are more common among men.

In some cases, when men learn about a few of the causes for stretch marks, they might takes the steps to avoid the stretch marks emerging in the first place. It can be difficult to get rid of stretch marks, but it is not impossible.

However, many would prefer not to get them in the first place. Again, avoiding some of the issues that can cause stretch marks is advised….if possible.


What Are Stretch Marks?

As the name implies, stretch marks arise when the skin is stretched beyond its normal range. This leads to some visual problems with the skin because they lead to the presence of red marks on the skin.


Gaining Weight

Those men that opt to eat a very poor diet and also are sedentary in their lifestyle will likely gain a lot of weight. They may even gain it quickly if for some reason they altered their approaches to eating to become bingers: someone that eats a massive amount of food in a short period of time.

The issue here is that when a great deal of fat deposits under the skin, the skin ends up being stretched. Once the skin is severely stretched, it can end us showing the troubling appearance of stretch marks.

While you may be able to lose the fat rather effectively by changing diet and exercise, the stretch marks will not go away. There will need to be further steps to take to eliminate those undesirable marks.


Lifting Weights

Men generally will lift weights for the purpose of packing on a great deal of muscle mass. Even those men that are interested in getting defined in their muscular physique will take the lift for mass first.

Regardless of the reason why they increase their muscle mass, they might suffer from the presence of stretch marks as a result. These stretch marks can seriously detract from whatever positive visuals may be acquired from lifting weights.


The Use Of Steroids

As much as many men would not like to mention any of their dalliances with anabolic steroids, there are quite a number of men than have used such growth enhancement medications.

This may lead to huge muscle enhancement (legal or otherwise), but it can also lead to the onset of visually troubling stretch marks. This is to say nothing of the various health issues that can arise from illegally using such injections or pills.

Steroid hormones may even be used to treat disease. This is common when a person uses these hormones as part of a treatment for diabetes. Again, using such hormones can lead to the onset of stretch marks which would not be welcome no matter what the reason is.


Adrenal Gland Diseases

There are many diseases which can effect the adrenal gland. Ehlers-Danlos and Marfan syndrome are among the most commonly cited of these diseases. There can be other medical issues that can cause the onset of these marks.

Conditions that require the use of corticosteroids would be another example.

What causes stretch marks in men? There are a few reasons why such a problem occurs. Once such issues do appear, it does become necessary to take the steps to fix the problem.

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Stretch marks are not exactly visually appealing. They have a tendency to truly present an undesirable appearance on the skin due to the contrast these red marks present when compared to the natural look of your skin.

For many women, the presence of these marks on the breast area can be shocking. So shocking are they, many women will immediately want to know what exactly caused the presence of breast stretch marks.

There are a few reasons why such stretch marks may appear. The following is a brief overview of some of the more common reasons.


Weight Issues

The most common reason why women will display stretch marks on their breasts is because they have gained or lost weight rapidly. Fat can, and does, store in the breasts.

When this occurs, the skin on the breasts will stretch and stretch beyond its normal length. This can lead to the blood vessels under the skin showing. Issues such as this is why it is necessary to very very mindful of rapid weight gain.

Those that have a tendency to no watch their diet may gain weight rather quickly and stretch marks would be among the most troubling results of this.


Natural Growth

This would be a common reason why breast stretch marks appear in teenage girls. When a girls breasts start to grow, they might grow very quickly. This is not the case with all girls, but some will experience such an issue.

One thing to be mindful of would be the fact that a steroid will be produced naturally by the body when a teenage girl start to grow. This is not unnatural in any way but it can lead to some troubling side effects.

Among those side effects would be the development of unwanted stretch marks in the breast area. Most teenage girls will not be aware of the reason why such stretch marks are appearing but they likely will wish the marks were not there.



Without a doubt, pregnancy is the most common reason most women will develop stretch markets in the breast area. The reason this is so is because the breasts will grow quite a bit when a woman is pregnant.

Hormonal changes contribute to this occurring. Also, there are fibers in breast tissue that will naturally soften in order for the breasts to grow larger. Among the results of this pregnancy related breast growth could be unwanted stretch marks.


Genetic Issues

Different people will have different genetic makeups. That means their bodies will react differently based on how their genetics work. For some women, this means they will be prone to develop stretch marks to a greater degree than others.

This does not only refer to breast stretch marks. It can refer to stretch marks on the stomach, thighs and elsewhere. Thanks to genetics, the ability to recuperate the skin after an injury can lead to stretch marks.

Also, there will be genetic factors that contribute to how weak or strong connective tissue is. This, in turn, can factor into whether or not one is more prone to getting stretch marks. Ethnicity is also a factor in the onset of stretch marks.


Disease Related Problems

As much as we would not like to think about the onset of any diseases, the subject does have to be mentioned when discussing the topic of stretch marks on the breast area.

Cushing’s syndrome is one such disease that can lead to stretch marks showing up on the breasts. It is also possible that any medications a woman takes can lead to stretch marks.

Corticosteroid creams would be among the most common of these medications because they can have an effect on how much collagen the human body produces.

For those that are currently dealing with the presence of breast stretch marks, a solution may be available. There are products that claim the ability to eliminate such marks. Looking into which ones are the best is recommended.

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